How To Safely Move A Tanning Bed

How To Safely Move A Tanning Bed

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If you or your company has on site tanning beds that need to be moved, then check out this step-by-step guide to safely get it done!

STEP 1 – Power Down

Always make sure that the breakers are off then verify that the unit is dead, and the power supply from the main circuit to the breaker was turned off by checking it using an electrical tester. Once you’re sure that the power is off, you can now start taking the tanning bed apart.

STEP 2 – Dismantling the Bed

When dismantling a tanning bed, the best way to go is to work our way up from the bottom to top. To be able to separate the tanning tube from its base, start by pulling off the cover of the control panel. We can find it on the front part of the pedestal or foundation of the tanning bed. Then, we have to remove the form sheet screws on each side of the base for us to have total access to the control panel.

The control panel is composed of the power supply unit and wires that boots up the bed. What we need to do here is to disconnect the main plug that sends electricity to the tanning lamps. Then, we need to remove the bolts and nuts under the lower bed that connects it to the base for us to be able to lift it off entirely. One helpful thing that we do is to have plastic bags around where we can put the small parts to make sure that we will not lose them during transport.

STEP 3 – Remove the Bed From the Base

The next thing to do is to unplug the two main wires that connect the bed canopy to the base. This step is followed by disconnecting the main cord from the tanning bed base and the breaker. As a form of additional safety measure, we can put nuts on the exposed wire ends.

After making sure that all cords and wires are unplugged, we can now take off the bed canopy from the base. Two set bolts and one hang bolt connect the tanning bed lid to its base. We need to remove all these while all the wirings at the top remain intact. After these, we can now lift off the canopy.

STEP 4 – Remove the Rear Cage

Finally, we can now remove the rear cage that supports the entire tanning bed and prepare all of them for transport.

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