Not All Moves Are Created Equal

If you’re thinking that moving services are all the same, then you are making a big mistake! Moving someone’s business, home, or loved one is just as unique as every individual, which is part of why we love this business so much. Everyday is a different challenge and opportunity to serve in the best way possible. Aside from assessing the possessions we are transporting we also look at the person or company needing our help! ⠀

4 examples of how Moving Made EZ can take the stress out of the process include: ⠀

1. Handling the heavy lifting.

We do this every single day, so rather than working with a crew that may not be moving experts, save yourself a ton of time and a backache by working with professionals that know how to safely manage heavy/odd shaped items and work extremely efficiently. Trust me, we can get that couch out of a tight space you didn’t think was possible. ⠀

2. Extra attention to detail and fragility.

We understand that certain belongings require extra attention and care during your move. We take extra precaution and direction from YOU to make sure your belongings are expertly cared for  through the process. If something is a priceless family heirloom, we want to know! ⠀

3. Decluttering and downsizing.

We have got you covered there too! If you or a loved one needs assistance in decluttering or disposing of old unwanted items and furniture, we can help with that.

4. Business Relocation.

Is your company moving to a new location? We have partners with specialized equipment for handling a variety of larger and more complicated moves. Machine shop relocating? No problem! Crane service is something in our repertoire as well as highly skilled manual labor!

If you need specialized moving services, we will give you just that! Because here at MOVING MADE EZ, if you need to move, we need to move you! ⠀

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